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FREE PIC and CLICK Banners
Click here to view the first ten banner bases that include a PICture and a CLICK here image. You can use these banner bases in two ways:

  1. Save the banner of your choice and add the text yourself ... for FREE!
  2. Let us add professional text for you. Click here to find out how!

Can I see a sample banner with text?
Click on each base image to view it's respective "Text Added" example.

How do I save a FREE PIC and CLICK banner?
Simply place your cursor over the PIC and CLICK banner of your choice and click your RIGHT mouse button (hold click for MAC users). In most browsers, this will bring up a window that allows you to select the "save image as" option. You can then save your banner to a directory of your choice. All banners are 468x60 pixels and in GIF file format.

How do I add text to my PIC and CLICK banner?
Open the saved banner file in any graphic program (like MS Paint or Paint Shop Pro) and put your own text on it. And viola ... you've created your own banner for FREE!

Text Tips:

  • For smooth edges on your text, make sure the anti-aliasing function in your graphic program's text editor is activated.
  • For more tips on placing text on banners, click here.
  • If you need a tutorial on adding text to graphics, click here.
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